What Study Reveal about Glyconutrients?

Glyconutrient supplementation is a moot issue. While the health benefits of glyconutrient supplementation is widely promoted in the Internet, nobody can still find accurate findings about its real benefits and safe use. This section of article delineates clinical studies and researches for and against the glyconutrients supplementation.

Clinical Studies Supporting Glyconutrient Supplementation
Finding No. 1 – Glyconutrients helps improve memory and cognition.
In a clinical trial, a series of neuropsychological test were given to 62 college students. The main objective of the tests is to compare the influence of glyconutrients on memory and cognition in two placebo-controlled studies. All participants were given a glyconutrient supplement and a control drug. At the end of the experiment, the group who took glyconutrient supplements performed better in tests.

Finding No.2 – Glyconutrients may ease colitis.
A study was published in 2009 which disclosed the potential role of plant-derived polysaccharide supplements in inhibiting colitis in rodents. Ambrose complex (the pioneering glyconutrient supplement of Mannatech) contains fucoidan, aloe vera, arabinogalactan and rice starch — collectively known as plant-derived polysaccharides.

The subjects of the study were rats which have dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) colitis. Glyconutrient supplements were given orally for 14 days while they were in the vehicle. The group of rats which received glyconutrient supplementation had lower disease scores and had prevented the shortening of colon.

Controversies of Glyconutrients

Glyconutrients are not the only dietary supplements that are widely marketed today. To or Not to Take Glyconutrient SupplementPeople seem to be so attractive to this marketing ploy despite dearth of clinical studies and researches. This may be acceptable but what health experts are more concerned of is when the claims of these products’ companies are not accurate — that is, when they declare something that is not clinical-based.

The term “glyconutrients” is coined by Mannatech, a nutraceutical company that is based in Coppell, Texas. According to Mannatech, they discovered 8 essential simple carbohydrates that are needed by every cell in the body for optimal immune function. These carbohydrates which are not found in the modern diets are extracted from natural plants. The essential nutrients coming from these plants are consumed by people through supplements. The first glycoprotein supplement of Mannatech is Ambrotose complex which at present, already have 20 patents. Mannatech is the leading manufacturer and producer of glyconutrient supplements.

In 2007, a Texas attorney general filed a lawsuit against Mannatech due to illegal marketing scheme and deceiving consumers about a wrong product. Mannatech promoted glyconutrient supplementation as something that exceeds any other pharmaceutical drug in curing chronic disease such as cancer and HIV. The core basis of Mannatech’s glyconutrient supplementation is the absence of 8 essential nutrients in the modern diet. Despite the claim of Mannatech, there seems to have no existing studies that clearly state there are particular glyconutrients not found in the diet. This may answer the question as to why public consumers do not entirely embraced the concept of glyconutrient supplementation. For many, the term “glyconutrient” is nothing but a marketing gimmick and solely adds confusion to consumers.

To or Not to Take Glyconutrient Supplement
Now, the question is: to or not take glyconutrient supplement?

If you make your own research on the web, there are mix reviews about glyconutrient supplementation. On a positive note, some people experience the health benefits of the supplement while for some others it does nothing to the body but only worsen the medical condition. One case in point is when an adult took 8 glyconutrient pills a day. He ended up feeling weak and started to experience health problems that he never encountered before taking the supplement. The major point that Mannatech is trying to convey to the public is glyconutrient supplementation strengthen the immune system. But isn’t it there are so many ways to boost the immune system other than taking the product?

Maybe the safe way to answer the question is not to “overdo” everything. Glyconutrients are mere “supplements” which means they are just “added benefits” in keeping the body healthy. It is still important that one has to do his part by means of taking a well-balanced diet every day and by staying physically active.