How Safe are Glyconutrient Supplements?

This section of article talks about the recommended dose,warnings,contraindications and drug interactions of glyconutrient supplements.

How Safe are Glyconutrient Supplements

Glyconutrients are considered safe,non-toxic and have no side effects.Because glyconutrient supplements are under the category of nutraceutical products — NOT pharmaceutical — there are no ingredients of the supplement that can harm nor kill you.So,even consumption of 8 pills a day won’t elicit any impairment on health.Glyconutrients are safe to children to boot.In fact,the supplements are better absorbed in their system.Glycobiologists strongly suggest the use of supplements in children most especially they tend to be so finicky on their diet and therefore,do not get the right nutrients.

How Safe are Glyconutrient Supplements

Dosage of Glyconutrients

There seem to be no proven medicinal dosage of glyconutrient supplements for adults and children.These plant-based products are sold in bulk powder or capsule form.Powder forms are available from 75 grams to 300 grams while the capsules are marketed in 120 and 240 pills per bottle.Nonetheless,every company has different dosage requirement so the best advice is to see the packaging information.

Warnings of Glyconutrients
Despite lack of evidence,companies are firmed to their claims that glyconutrient supplements are likely safe to take but with special precaution to the following:

  • People who take iron supplements.
  • People who have copper deficiency.
  • People who have Vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.

Due to lack of clinical findings,it is recommended to note closely what other drugs you are taking and then observe how these drugs along with glyconutrient supplements affect your daily regimen.

Drug Interactions of Glyconutrients
People who are taking commercial products of glyconutrients should use cautiously the following drugs:

  • Blood thinners.Some glyconutrient products have Vitamin K ingredient which counteracts the action of anticoagulants.
  • Warfarin.Glyconutrient supplements contain ubidecarenone which may reduce warfarin efficiency.
  • Copper supplements.Glyconutrient supplements may decrease absorption of copper in the blood stream.
  • Iron supplements.Glyconutrient products may increase absorption of iron in the blood stream.

People who are taking the above-mentioned medications should see a doctor before taking glyconutrient supplements.When eliminating these drugs is impossible,adjustment of dose is essential.

Contraindications of Glyconutrients

In addition to warnings and drug interaction precautions of glyconutrient supplements,athletes who perform intensive training should avoid taking the supplement.With no clear explanation,it has been reported that hardcore athletes who take glyconutrient supplements are likely to diminish their immune system function,slow down tissue repair mechanism,increase risk of infection and prolonged recovery time.