Why Do Humans Need Glyconutrients?

The Mechanism of Action of Glyconutrients

Glyconutrients do not work alone. They need to be combined with other molecules in order to be fully functional in their roles. When glyconutrients bind with protein molecules,glycoproteins form; and when they adhere to fats,glycolipids are created. Together,they provide additional covering to cell surfaces thus enhancing cell-to-cell communication and bodily functions. Glycoproteins now bind to different cell receptors and when harmful substances like bacteria attack the cells,the glycoprotein will prevent the attachment.

To know how glyconutrients work,watch this video.

Three Major Benefits of Glyconutrients

  • Glyconutrients fight off environmental toxins. The rising popularity of glyconutrient supplementation is brought by the fact that most of the natural essential glyconutrients are missing in the regular diet. As mentioned previously,what people onlyglycoprotein cell receptors receive from their daily diet are glucose and galactose which are clearly not enough for immune system to fully function. Such deficiency is not only because they are not present in our food,but rather how fruits and vegetables are processed in this modern time. According to a study,fruits and vegetables have lost more than 80% of their primary nutrients when canned. A great amount of nutrients is likewise slashed down when they are cooked,processed,stored for longer duration,genetically-modified and frozen.
  • Glyconutrients protect people from long-term sickness. Study shows that majority of the people in this generation had at least one chronic disease. In America,45% of the general population suffers multiple health conditions. What’s more alarming is the population affected by these diseases is getting younger and younger. As a normal response to this problem,people go to doctors and what they get are drug prescriptions. While drugs greatly provide pain relief,the long-term effects of taking drugs can be life-threatening. In majority of the states in America,deaths caused by drug prescription overdose outnumbered deaths from car crash.
  • Glyconutrients may cure HIV and cancer. Due to deficiency of essential nutrients on the modern diet,people are becoming vulnerable to any type of disease — autoimmune disorders and cancers especially. This is because majority of these missing nutrients have antioxidant properties that protect body from environmental toxins. Caused by the increasing attention to glyconutrients,many clinical doctors and researchers proclaim the role of glyconutrients in maintaining good health and fighting off disease. Nearly all medical practitioners are looking forward for its wide scale use in treating cancer,autoimmune disease and age-related disorders. In other words,there is so much to look forward to in glyconutrients not only in alleviating the symptoms but also in treating the root cause of the aforementioned medical disorders. Notwithstanding these positive views,there are yet to have no accurate clinical studies that corroborate the efficiency of glyconutrients in curing HIV or cancer.