Glyconutrients: Why Are They So Popular?

Despite being highly regarded as the most important and most controversial discovery in the field of medicine,many still are left confounded by the role of glyconutrients in human health. At this present time of writing,the glyconutrients industry has been making a multi-billion dollar business venture for promoting glyconutrients supplementation as an alternative health medicine treatment. In the face of the increasing popularity of glycobiology,there remain no accurate findings and statistics about glyconutrition. This article is a rough guide in knowing the nuts and bolts of glyconutrients.

Summary of Glyconutrients

Glyconutrient is a term coined by nutraceutical company,Mannatech,to denote a supplement derived from plant’s natural essential carbohydrates. Glyconutrient is a not a vitamin nor a mineral but a simple carbohydrate known to have powerful benefits to health. Glyconutrients are claimed to have a major effect in fighting off age-related disorders,boosting immune system and curing chronic illnesses. A number of clinical studies are conducted to support the claims of glyconutrient supplementation but such evidences are not sufficient to determine the safe level of consuming the drug. Reviews and testimonies on glyconutrient supplementation are mixed. As far as consumer safety is concern,talk to your doctor before taking a glyconutrient supplement most especially when consuming it along with other drugs.

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